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3D Work Instruction Software Streamlines Rafael’s Assembly Process


Summary: QuadriSpace™ software accelerates the creation of work instructions for Rafael’s critical defense systems; reducing update time by 90% and improving process learning time by 30%.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. of Israel has adopted QuadriSpace™ software products to streamline the manufacturing process of complex defense systems. The software allows users to rapidly create, update and deliver time-sensitive digital work instructions to the shop floor. Shop floor assemblers also benefit from rapid understanding of complicated processes through interactive 3D visualization. This implementation was a joint effort coordinated by Rafael’s IT and configuration management departments.

As product designs became more complex, the manufacturing process was found unsuitable for the high level of configurability required for assembly. Typically, the manufacturing process required the creation of paper packets distributed to the shop floor. Unfortunately, paper packets made it difficult to track revisions or to communicate complex assembly steps. Each time a revision occurred a new packet would be printed and physically delivered to the proper workstation.

Rafael indicates: “A new process based on QuadriSpace software solved the manufacturing process problems while generating additional benefits. Rafael uses QuadriSpace Pages3D Professional to create and maintain assembly instruction documents. Assembly instruction authors were able to learn the Pages3D product quickly and authored the work instructions rapidly.”

Since Rafael’s products are modified frequently, another significant advantage of Pages3D™ is the ability to rapidly update work instructions. When 3D CAD designs change, Pages3D updates entire documents or illustration sets with a single click. This has reduced the time required to update instructions by 90%.

The defense systems are now assembled using multiple shop floor terminals where the assembly instructions are retrieved straight from the enterprise PDM system. The instructions are encapsulated with QuadriSpace’s free Reader3D™ in an exe file to ensure capability of viewing from any workstation regardless of the programs installed. On every terminal a different work instruction is retrieved and the stations are configured “on‐the‐fly” with different Pages3D-authored instructions relevant to the specific needs of that station.

Each assembler, after minimal training, uses the assembly document on the shop floor and interacts with the document in order to fully understand the assembly steps. Instructions are viewed interactively and textual descriptions are displayed with animated 3D step-by-step processes. Assemblers have expressed appreciation for the new methods and assembly trainers are able to certify assemblers more rapidly. Shortening the time for certification allows flexibility on the assembly floor which, in turn, shortens the overall time to market.

Assembly trainers have determined that the learning process time on the shop floor is reduced by 30% when interactive 3D work instructions are used. It is also faster for Rafael to flex assemblers from one line to another or even to subcontractors. Pages3D fully supports Rafael’s requirement to be compliant on the assembly procedures and to fully document every revision change.

According to Widetech CEO, Eldad Sayada, QuadriSpace’s representative in Israel, “Widetech is very proud of Rafael’s decision to adopt and use QuadriSpace tools for critical defense systems assembly processes.. Widetech has represented QuadriSpace in Israel for many years and QuadriSpace’s continuous support has made this project successful”